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The Collingwood Society held its inaugural Annual General Meeting on 1st November 2012 and is now well and truly a going concern.


In the coming months, this Festival website will 'morph' into the Society's site.  In the short term, access to the Collingwood Society's upcoming programme, membership application forms, constitution and other items of interest to Collingwood enthusiasts will appear shortly.  Any enquiries can be directed to our temporary e-mail address







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The Collingwood 2010 Festival ran between 23rd January and 21st October 2010 and was a celebration of the achievements of Vice-Admiral Lord Cuthbert Collingwood, in the 200th anniversary of the year of his death.

Although the Festival was centred on the north-east of England, from where Collingwood hailed, links were also established with Collingwood, New Zealand and Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, as well as Menorca, Spain, each of which laid historical claim to the Admiral in one way or another and held their own commemorations.

The "Diary" page on this website lists the various events and associated activities that took place, while the "News Archive" carries reports and picture galleries. Our younger shipmates had their own “Young Tars” tab.  Biographical material, for the more serious enthusiast, appears on the “Collingwood” page.  Through the Festival's Education Initiative, an online teaching facility was developed and this appears on the "Education" page.  Please note that there is a wealth of material still to be uploaded, which we will eventually get around to processing.  It is hoped that this website builds into a definitive resource,that will be used in the future by lecturers, students, enthusiasts, archives and libraries alike.   

And just who was Collingwood then?  This person whose statue stands stoically and protectively at the mouth of the river Tyne, this man who has towns, streets, schools, ships, boats and a naval shore establishment named after him?  Quite possibly, if a certain dashing, controversial and foolishly brave naval officer by the name of Horatio Nelson had not been around at the same time, you might know a little more about him.  For sure, he was a character in his own right and worthy of tribute, which is what this site - and the Collingwood 2010 Festival – are all about.       

We do hope that you were a part of the Festival in some way or another, even if you followed it online from afar.  If you have found us for the first time however, we invite you to come and learn about:

Variously described by authors since as ‘Northumberland’s Heart of Oak’, ‘Nelson’s Own Hero’, ‘The Northumbrian who Saved the Nation’ and ‘Trafalgar’s Lost Hero’, in his time, Collingwood was simply ‘Old Cuddy’ to his men. 




This Festival was dedicated to the immortal memory of Cuthbert Collingwood, Vice-Admiral of the Red,

1st Baron Collingwood of Caldburne and Hethpoole in Northumberland  (26th September 1748 – 7th March 1810)






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Message from Chief Executive Officer - Port of Tyne

Official Festival Souvenir Publication



 Port of Tyne

The Collingwood 2010 Festival Committee acknowledges the generous support of the Port of Tyne, through which the development of this website was made possible.  


There has been a port on the River Tyne for almost two thousand years. The earliest trades were in grain and forest products with countries such as Scandinavia and the Baltic. These areas are still important but the interests of the Port of Tyne now extend to the Far East, Australia , South East Asia, India, the Middle East, Canada and the Americas.

Today the Port of Tyne covers 600 acres spread equally on the north and south banks of the River Tyne and comprising five business areas - bulk and conventional cargo; car terminals, cruise and ferries, logistics and estates.

The Port of Tyne is one of the UK 's largest trust ports and our aim is to provide a vibrant and sustainable Port of Tyne for stakeholders, the community and North East England.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor Collingwood 2010, commemorating the 200th anniversary of the death of Admiral Lord Collingwood. The North East is justifiably proud of its famous son, and the monument erected in his honour at Tynemouth is probably one of the most famous, and enduring, landmarks for all ships entering the Tyne.


Andrew Moffat, Chief Executive Officer, Port of Tyne.






The Official Collingwood 2010 Festival Souvenir Publication

Produced by Festival Partners Powdene Publicity of Newcastle, this official Festival publication contains articles by acknowledged Trafalgar experts and Collingwood biographers, each of whom has focused on a different aspect of Vice-Admiral Collingwood's life or legacy.  Together with contributions from overseas locations associated with Collingwood and messages from local schools and organisations in England, this well-illustrated magazine is the perfect summary of Collingwood and complement to the Festival.  The foreword by the First Sea Lord, Sir Mark Stanhope, emphasises the significance of this Festival, and the memory of Vice-Admiral Lord Cuthbert Collingwood, to today's Royal Navy. 


The Official Collingwood 2010 Festival Souvenir Publication can still be obtained by post direct from the publisher:

Powdene Publicity
Unit 17
St.Peter’s Wharf
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom

Price  UK:  £5.00 + £0.60 p&p

Price  Europe:   £5.00 + £2.00 p+p

Price  Rest of the World:  £5.00 + £3.35 p+p

Credit card orders may be placed by telephone  0191 - 2650040  (from overseas +44 191 2650040)

For information on bulk orders and shipping rates, please contact Powdene Publicity at the above number or by e-mail to





The Collingwood 2010 Festival Committee wishes to acknowledge the generous assistance, both financial and material, of all their Partners, Sponsors and Supporters, who between them made this year long commemoration of Vice Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood possible.